10 Best Hemp and CBD GIFTS

Savvy companies are designing ways to incorporate the benefits of hemp and CBD into thousands of products, including these special selections that are available for shipping nationwide and nice enough to share with all the moms in your life on their special day.

Since #hemp agriculture was legalized at the federal level with the #2018FarmBill, more and more consumers are discovering the health and wellness attributes of #CBD and other #cannabinoids found in #cannabis.

1. Frigg Hair and Skin Care

Photo courtesy of FRIGG

In today’s crazy world, modern stressors take a huge toll on our skin and hair. That’s why Black-owned beauty brand; Frigg, developed plant-based functional formulas that help support emotional well-being while combatting beauty problems like dry flaky skin and scalps, thinning hair and premature aging.

Frigg, named for the Norse goddess of intuition and wisdom, is about returning to our roots, whether that’s the root of a plant or the root of well-being.

Frigg’s hero ingredient is the hemp plant, the ultimate adaptogen for bringing the body back into balance. – The company uses a wide range of cannabinoids for their moodsupporting properties.

The Attuning Combo Pack includes Frigg’s best-selling hair and skin potions at a special price. (20% off)

available online
Hair Potion

By stimulating dry, tired follicles and calming an irritated scalp, Attuning Hair Potion creates silky ends while promoting healthy, sustained growth for all hair types and textures.

Face Potion

This plant-powered tonic harnesses radiance-from-within to bring balance back to your skin. Packed with responsibly-sourced cannabinoids like Broad Spectrum CBD (300mg) and CBG (100mg), Attuning Face Potion, smooths rough texture, fades hyperpigmentation, balances oil production, calms redness, and plumps fine lines.

Rich in healing, omega-rich Sea Buckthorn Oil and other nourishing botanical oils, our tonic strengthens your skin barrier while boosting collagen levels for more resilient, youthful skin. Ideal for all skin types, this formula is fast-absorbing with a pleasant, slightly herbaceous scent.

2. Pot d’Huile CBD Olive Oil

Led by Yannick Crespo, San Francisco’s Pot d’Huile is a gourmet cannabis brand that collaborates with chefs across the country to create delicious and unique infused condiments.

courtesy of Meghan McNeer

The company describes its full spectrum hemp-infused cold-pressed olive oil as “liquid gold,” and recommends a drizzle on everything from pasta to vanilla ice cream.

125ml bottles, featuring either 125mg, 500mg, or 1250mg of CBD per bottle.

available online

3. Milkweed Cannabis Confections

Launched in 2017, Milkweed Cannabis Confections is a line of whimsical, full-spectrum CBD-infused, handmade truffles, gumdrops, marshmallows, and more.

Curated collections incorporating “Proudly Vermont” ingredients & craftsmanship with revered French pastry tradition, and organic full-spectrum CBD.

available online

Favorites include Rosebud, a red and white chocolate rosebud filled with rose flower and vanilla fondant; the Clovehitch peanut butter cup with dark chocolate and honey; and the MarshMellowPuff, Milkweed’s take on the classic Mallomar.

4. RBG Paint-By-Numbers

After being furloughed from the hospitality industry, artist and independent businesswoman Sarah Albert turned her side hustle; painting colorful portraits of popular music artists, into paint-by-number kits featuring goodies from other Washington, D.C. businesses.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Paints Rappers

Mother’s Day – Ruth Bader Ginsberg GIFT SET is available online

  • a paint-by-number kit of the groundbreaking Supreme Court justice (or swap for any other kit),
  • a dried flower bouquet from Blue Ribbon Floral, a scented candle,
  • and a pack of hemp Delta-8 THC fruit thins from Flowerz DC.

5. Sea Salted Caramels

15mg of active CBD
in each individually wrapped caramel

“Remember the caramels your grandma used to keep in a dish at her house? – OK, now imagine if they were 20 times cooler.”… That’s how Mello describes sea salted caramels,

A guilt-free treat that might even tempt grandma... Mello caramels, are non-GMO, kosher, gluten-free and all-natural

comes in a box of 20 / available here

6. Flower Lovers Gift Box

Zenbarn Farms in Waterbury, Vermont is offering moms a chance to discover the joys of smokable hemp with its Flower Lovers Gift Box, curated by mom and co-owner Marlena Fishman.

  • one-eighth of an ounce of sustainably grown Hawaiian Haze hemp flower,
  • three assorted Zen cone joints,
  • a glass joint tip,
  • and a branded lighter

all packed in a signature box for the cannabis aficionado in your life.

Available online on the Zenbarn Farms website.

7. Flower By Edie Parker

Includes a Weedie Parker lighter and satin sleep mask thrown in for when you’re ready to wind down.

available online

CBD Trio Nightstand Set – A trio of Flower by Edie Parker favorite CBD essentials is now available in a limited-edition nightstand set.

  • Super Bloom Tincture, a flavorless CBD tincture to add a finishing touch to iced coffee or an evening cocktail;
  • Sleepover Spray, a CBD intimacy spray formulated to help increase sensation and provide you with maximum pleasure;
  • and Hot Pot Body Salve, a soothing CBD balm enhanced with an herbal blend to help ease muscle tension and relieve sore joints.

8. Premium Hemp Extract

A.F.C.’s hemp extracts are produced from Colorado-grown seeds that are organically cultivated, non-GMO, and pesticide-free.

Advocates for Cannabis (A.F.C) is a woman-owned collective of industry educators and advocates who believe in the power of knowing your grower and having intimate involvement in every part of a product’s journey from seed to sale, soil to oil.

The company recently debuted a blog series about powerful moms who have been deeply impacted by the hemp plant called Mothers Changed Everything.

A.F.C. premium hemp extract is available in a 1,500mg bottle for those with chronic or serious ailments, and a 750mg bottle for the consumer pursuing a balanced, everyday supplement to boost their endocannabinoid system.

available online

9. Empower Body Care

In 2004, Empower BodyCare CEO Trista Okel first started making CBD-rich oil in her kitchen with a Crock-Pot to help her mom manage pain. It was well before CBD, cannabis or hemp were in the headlines, but Okel was convinced of the plant’s power to help people reduce discomfort and lead more enjoyable, fulfilling lives.

Sure enough, her mom loved the oil and word of its magic spread like wildfire; and While their products are no longer made in a Crock-Pot, Empower BodyCare’s steadfast commitment to delivering the highest quality products remains unchanged.

A full line of soaking salts, lotions, and oils, all infused with Sun+Earth certified, ethically produced hemp CBD

available online

10. Hemp Can Change The World (Cookbook)

65 vegan, gluten-free recipes that showcase hemp cuisine in what may be the first cookbook printed on hemp paper.

Author Shadi Ramey discovered her passion for food at an early age. Growing up in a first-generation Persian household where the act of preparing meals was always slow and always intuitive, she learned that real food takes hours to create and that the same reverence must be given to experiencing that food.

Two of Ramey’s favorite recipes from the book include Strawberry Rhubarb Hemp Crumble and King Trumpet Mushroom Hemp Tacos.

$1 from each sale donated to the Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit working to end incarceration for cannabis offenses

available online

This is one of the first books printed on hemp paper in over 100 years, and the first 100% carbon neutral book project – With a forward by environmentalist and hemp grower Winona LaDuke

All the recipes in this book are Vegan & Gluten Free, with many paleo and keto friendly recipes included.

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