About Us

Do you have a question about Cannabis or Hemp that You’ve been wishing you knew the answers to; but were too shy to ask? Check Out My Blog, or Send Me an Email from the Contact Us Page; We’ve Got You Covered!

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Cannabee | We’ve Got You Covered

Who We Are

Known for Developing Novel Products with a specific purpose in mind; Cannabee was founded by the dynamic duo of David DeGeeter and Liani Johnson DeGeeter.

What We Do

Education & Outreach

Product & Brand Development -example products:

  • Inflammatory Response (CannabeeIR)
  • Pain Eraser (CannabeePE),
  • Lip Service Lip Balm (CannabeeLS)
  • Notox Skin Serum (Cannabee NT)
  • Chill Mints,
  • World’s first Cannabis Infused (glycol based) eLiquid
  • eJoint Vaporizer,
  • Cannabis Essence Tincture
  • Formula 420 Tincture
  • 710 Solution Tincture