Smoking or Inhalation of cannabis is the traditional method of use, and involves inhaling the smoke released by the heated buds. This is the recommended consumption method for novice users since dosage control is relatively easy compared to other consumption methods.

Inhalation Methods

  • Vaping
  • Joints & Blunts
  • Pipe, Bong or Bubbler
  • Dabbing Extracts


Crush a bit, roll it up, take a hit… The ever-so-popular joint will always be one of the most celebrated methods for smoking marijuana. Just remember, unlike cigarettes, you want to light the end of the joint before you begin puffing.

Roast the joint by holding it up to a flame, turn it like those rotisseries you see at Swiss Chalet to make sure the joint is evenly burning. Once the joint is cooked, raise it to your mouth and give it a few short puffs.

Remember– There’s very little protecting your lungs from the smoke, so be sure to just take small hits to start as you build up your tolerance.


Before you pack your bowl you first need to use a grinder to break up your bud. You will notice on the side of the bowl there’s a little hole. Put your thumb over that hole and bring the mouth piece to your lips.

Using your spare hand, light up the weed and inhale the smoke simultaneously. Once you feel a good burn, release your thumb to open up for air to rush into the pipe. This will allow you to start inhaling the smoke.

Remember – The key when it comes to smoking a bowl is to not overpack it otherwise you run the risk of your weed burning unevenly.

If you find the effects of smoking cannabis to be too intense, we suggest vaporization as a more mild alternative.



Don’t get bowls confused for bongs. While the concept is pretty similar, the inhalation from a bong is much more intense since you draw in a lot more smoke. Similar to a bowl, a bong will have a stem that has a bowl at the end. Fill that compartment with your weed and light.

Bring the stem to your mouth and start drawing in the smoke. Like a bowl, you need to let fresh air into the process so you can get an even stronger inhale. Once you hit that point, pull the bowl out from the bong and continue inhaling.

Remember– Don’t make the same mistakes some of us vets made when we first boarded the green smoking machine. Learn how to properly inhale marijuana early on so you can appreciate the full experience, save on money, and maybe someday pass along your wisdom to another beginner.

Smoking through a WATER FILTRATION BONG will result in the smoothest hit as the smoke is filtered through water prior to being inhaled, NOTE the intensity of a dry bong hit is not recommended for novice users.